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Who Said?

The case for bravery


Plenity is a new weight management product that, starting from zero awareness, has an ambition to redefine how 130m Americans tackle their weight loss journey. The culture surrounding weight is one full of shame and sacrifice, negative attitudes that we were eager to challenge to position the Plenity brand as one that empathizes with the reality of people’s weight loss journeys. Bravery was needed to design a brand idea that challenged the cultural conversation and encouraged Americans to reimagine their weight management journeys.


Our Brave Brand Platform


Rethink Your Weight Journey is a platform which challenges people and culture to redefine the widely held notions they have about weight: that managing weight requires sacrifice, restraint, and binary “good vs bad” thinking. We wanted to empower people to embrace their now and the weight loss journey itself, rather than focusing on the results or far-off ‘aspirational’ versions of themselves. Our “Who Said?” campaign sees us challenge preconceptions that the journey can’t include going out with friends, playing sports, or going on dates.


In digital channels, we developed messaging that addressed specific challenges and barriers that different segments had when it came to weight loss. People who were skeptical of the product were served product education messages whereas people who were self-described foodies were served messages about still being able to eat what they love.

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