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Situation Sthlm

Villa Vovve Vräkt

Villa, vovve, Volvo is a common saying to describe the life goal of an average Swede. The aim is a house, a dog and a Volvo. But for some people it doesn’t turn out that way, and some end up in homelessness. Ending up on the streets is not something you do by choice, it’s often a series of unfortunate circumstances that lead to a life in homelessness, but turning this around and starting over again is not easy. Situation Sthlm is a street paper helping homeless people to get on track again by giving them a chance to earn their own money and to give them some structure to their life. In this campaign we have changed the old saying slightly to reflect a less fortunate outcome with “Villa, Vovve, Vräkt” – “House, dog, evicted”, but also point out that this is not the end of the story. To sell Situation Sthlm is a way back.

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