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Femti Femti

One of the most common reasons for break-ups in Sweden is arguments over uneven sharing of household chores. A study conducted at Stockholm University showed that partners that share housework equally are both happier, and their relationships last longer. Together with Swedish whitegoods retailer Tretti, we wanted to see if we could make a couple share household chores exactly equally by installing a brand-new setup for whitegoods, equipped with voice recognition, that makes it impossible for a single person to use the same product again before the other person has used it.

Tretti hit both sales targets and had record visitor numbers whilst the campaign ran, and the subject of equal sharing of housework sparked debate and engagement across social media. On Tretti’s website we put up a quiz, in which anyone could test how equal their own relationship was. With Femti Femti we addressed the positive effects of sharing housework equally – an important part of a better home, but most of all, a happier relationship.

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