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Ocean Words

The challenge was to work on the launch of a communication platform covering Rio Mare’s commitment to supporting the protection of the oceans as well as biodiversity, sustainable fishing and other active projects, and also spreading information on issues and news concerning the entire marine world.


The solution to inform the millennial target on these important issues, but in a light way, was to create Ocean Words: instamagazine (Instagram magazine) which proposes a new social approach by adopting a long form cut for the contents and an impactful graphics with suggestive marine images.


The communication platform includes two main interconnected channels: Instagram profile (main touchpoint) and website for in-depth information on the topics covered.

Some results from the launch (september 2020):



Avg reach -> +2Mio; Total Followers -> +5K; Total avg engagement -> +9K


Avg session time -> 2,5; Avg page views -> +180k; Avg unique users -> +50k

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