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Tax Strategy


The&Partnership is an independent marketing communications group, comprising of a number of different communication businesses, spanning ten disciplines from advertising to design, CRM, media, data, analytics, content, PR and social.

The strength of our business comes from the partnership of senior practitioners from a variety of disciplines and this collaborative approach extends beyond the delivery of our work; it is the foundation of our culture and we pride ourselves on the relationships we build by working together with our stakeholders.

At The&Partnership, we take corporate and social responsibility seriously, and there are various examples in our work that demonstrate this commitment, such as our extensive charitable work with the Princes Trust and Sentebale.

This is the Group’s second published tax strategy and in developing this Tax Strategy, we have aimed to align our tax principles below to our commitment to corporate and social responsibility.


Tax compliance and reporting

We are committed to meeting all our legal and regulatory requirements in paying the correct amount of tax and meeting our tax compliance obligations. For example, in the UK, as part of this commitment, we comply with the Senior Accounting Officer (‘SAO’) requirements and we undertake a review of our tax processes (for Corporation Tax, VAT and Employment Taxes) as part of this process.

We seek to apply diligent professional care and judgement in our tax compliance activities, and provide sufficient evidence to support all judgements made.


Our approach to tax planning

We take a low risk approach to tax planning, and tax decisions are aligned to business and commercial strategy. Like any other business expense however, we seek to create value for our partners. As such, we may respond to tax incentives and exemptions where appropriate and in a way that is consistent with tax authority and government policy.

As appropriate, we will seek external professional tax advice to ensure we apply these incentives and exemptions legitimately, and if appropriate, we seek advance clearances from the appropriate tax authority to ensure we minimise the risk of uncertainty.


Governance and risk management

The Group is committed to the delivery of the tax strategy and this will be owned by the Group’s Chief Financial

Officer who is ultimately accountable for Tax, and who is also the Group’s Senior Accounting Officer.

The CFO has responsibility over The & Partnership’s approach to tax on day-to-day basis which includes the identification, prioritisation and monitoring of tax risk across the business, as well as the escalation of tax risk to the Board. The ongoing monitoring of tax accounting arrangements as part of annual SAO compliance provides part of this process.


Relationships with Tax Authorities

The Group is committed to working collaboratively with tax authorities, through open and transparent dialogue to ensure it is compliant with all of its compliance and filing obligations. Wherever possible, we also seek to achieve early agreement on issues and certainty wherever possible.


This Tax Strategy document

This document meets the requirement for The&Partnership to publish its Tax Strategy as required by section 161 and section 19(2) of Schedule 19 of Finance Act 2016. It is effective for our 2019 financial year and was updated and approved by the Board in September 2019 and published in the same month.

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