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Wake Up

iD Mobile – the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) from Currys – announces its new digital ad campaign, ‘Wake Up’.  The campaign features a new “spokes-bear” for the brand called HeiDi – a rambunctious rock-loving bear who’s here to “wake up” a nation of ‘mobile hibernators’ sleepwalking through expensive phone deals. The new ad will reach people’s screens and devices on Thursday 20th October, running across Broadcast and Programmatic VOD, as well as digital audio platforms.


Conceptualised and developed by integrated creative agency, The&Partnership  and directed by Jon Riche, the ad features HeiDi, a 7ft grizzly bear adorned in her best rock attire, waking up a ‘mobile hibernator’ on their daily bus commute in the only way she knows how – guttural roars and power chords!


After establishing herself on screen via some “rock-on” gestures, impressive air guitar, and a lot of dry ice, HeiDi (from iD) proceeds to “wake up” a startled commuter, who she demands to “stop hibernating” on her bad phone deal and switch to iD Mobile for average savings of £152¹ a year on her phone plan versus the major networks. She then takes a moment for an obligatory selfie with her newly awoken compatriot, before paying homage to the Mobile and Rock gods atop an otherworldly mountain lit up by lighting and power chord thunder.

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