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Play Your Way

Every summer, tennis climbs the sporting agenda, with Wimbledon fever helping to entice fans onto court. This year, the LTA wanted to inspire people of all abilities, age, location and background to pick up a racket and play however they want.


We created ‘Play Your Way’. The campaign uses an array of emotive and nostalgic vignettes of tennis balls being hit, lost and found, set against a backdrop of modern Britain, tackling perceived misconceptions of the sport. Be it bouncing off the garage door, splashing in the canal or stuck in the rafters of Centre Court, the audience are able to transpose themselves into each moment, without judgement and are left wanting to join the fun of playing their way.


So, ‘…whether you’re a big timer or mistimer’, Play Your Way is an invitation to anyone and everyone, that re-writes the rules of tennis by celebrating individualism and welcomes all playing styles.

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