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Pit Stop

TalkTalk announced its new full fibre broadband speeds in a comical spot, building on its ‘making sense’ brand positioning.


‘’Pit Stop’’ follows a couple in a car, one of them in labour, rushing to the hospital. Amidst screams from the contractions, the petrol light ‘dings’ to reveal the car is out of fuel at what is perhaps the most inconvenient time possible. As luck would have it, a petrol station is nearby where the couple are greeted by a Formula 1-style pit crew, decked out in TalkTalk-branded overalls. The car is jacked up, wheels changed, and fuel added in no time.


The “SenseSense” positioning, which links seamlessly with the brand name, embodies getting everything you want from a broadband provider, and none of the complicated stuff you don’t.


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