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But First, Hair

Wella Professionals have always intuitively known and understood the importance of hair stylists. The personal relationship, trust and ultimate confidence boost received after a visit to the salon is in many ways unparalleled.


Since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, close to 60 percent of clients claimed that they miss hairdressing the most out of any other beauty services, with 90 percent saying they would book a visit to the salon within the first month once lockdown is lifted.


So, during COVID-19 and with hairdressers unable to work, Wella wanted to produce a campaign that celebrated hairdressers and their craft. We created “But First, Hair”, a digital-first campaign activating across Wella’s social channels and in partnership with 1000heads.


The spot celebrates these hairstylist heroes and dials up the insight that many people would want their stylists to be among the first people they see when lockdown is over. It aimed to encourage clients to support stylists by taking action and going back-to-the-chair as soon as possible, helping the industry bounce back.


The campaign received incredible feedback across social and in the press, being voted one of the ‘Top 5 worldwide ads’ by AdForum just two weeks after its release.

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