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The First Accessible Pregnancy Test

The&Partnership in collaboration with RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) has created a fully accessible pregnancy test prototype, that – if produced – would allow women with sight loss to know their result privately for the first time.


The project has been two years in the making for RNIB and The&Partnership, who worked with Product Designer Josh Wasserman to research, develop, create and stress test the prototype with the blind and partially sighted community.


Everyone deserves the right to privacy, but blind and partially sighted women are denied this through inaccessible design and information. Over 5 million pregnancy tests are sold in the UK every year and all of them rely on a visual result. This means that for many women who are blind or partially sighted, the test result cannot be accessed without help.


Therefore, their result – positive or negative – becomes public, stripping them of their privacy and opening them up to comment and judgement from others. Through creating the prototype the te

am hope to raise awareness that this, like so many other things, doesn’t need to be the case.








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