The&Partnership The&Partnership


The&Model is designed to help marketing move at the speed of life.
Faster and more responsive, smarter and more effective.

It sees us create a ‘marketing newsroom’ within our client’s offices. More than an in-house studio, this is a full service capability with data at its heart.

Behavioural data linked to customer data linked to addressable media data,
powering insight and creativity, but also the way content is produced and deployed.
Client and agency teams work hand-in-glove to build banks of creative assets,
that are rapidly tailored and distributed, measured and optimised in real time.
This in-sourced approach is a best-of-both-worlds solution:

The agility and flexibility of a dedicated embedded team, with the access to talent and tools, scale and data, that only a global marketing group can offer (the 80/20 model).

The &Model puts marketing and agency people back in the growth business.

The result?

Think of it as a marketing newsroom, producing ideas that are big, bold and bionic.

The &Model brings things together that have been separate for too long: client & agency, data & creativity, efficiency & effectiveness.

It’s already powering brands as diverse as

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