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MyT Connected Services

Connected Services are key to Toyota’s transformation from car manufacturer to mobility provider, extending and deepening the relationship owners have with their vehicle and the brand. 


Research shows consumers are increasingly choosing cars and forming opinions of auto brands based on the connectivity they offer. Building a single umbrella brand for Toyota was key in launching Toyota’s offering. 


This led to the roll-out of MyT, Toyota’s Connected Services brand and accompanying mobile app. To build brand recognition and consistency in communications, we developed a dedicated MyT Visual Identity to be used without exception across all channels: broadcast, addressable, website, brochure, retail, PR, events and CRM.


Life happens when you connect was our creative positioning. By dramatising the emotional benefits of MyT, the campaign shows how meaningful the array of features can be in people’s everyday lives. Whether you’re inside or outside your vehicle, MyT puts you in control of your Toyota thanks to a suite of new connected services designed to make driving safer and more fun. 


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